Must bass läks üle tee offers darker rock sounds combined with Estonian traditional folk tunes. Our music tells stories from the ancient times that are still worth telling in nowadays’ world – either because they are still relevant or because they sound so charmingly strange to contemporary ears. Our songs are based on old recordings and transcriptions that speak to us, and we combine rock music with sounds of traditional instruments such as tagelharpa or morin khuur. We’ve been active since 2018, and are currently working on our first album.

Our music is available on Spotify and Youtube, and you can connect to us on social media: FB & IG. We speak good English, and Madis also speaks Latvian for some reason.

Band members:
Helle Laanes – vocals, acoustic guitar, small kantele, whistles
Maali Käbin – guitar and weird stringed instruments (tagelharpa, morin khuur)
Heikki Mändmets – drums and percussion
Mihkel Rennu – bass guitar
Madis Must – saxophone
Toomas Krips – flute

Fun and not so fun facts:
* Our band’s name translates as “black bass (guitar) crossed the road”.
* There used to be 9 people in the band, but nowadays we are more convenient to deal with – there’s only 6 of us left.

Want to invite us to perform?

Here you can find our rider, and our contact e-mail is tere@mustbass.ee.

Must bass läks üle tee
Photo: Harri A. Sundell